Thursday, August 26, 2010

Roli Poli!

Eleanor rolled over today! I was at mom and dad's eating dinner because Plano West had Thursday night game and we put her on the floor. We went into the kitchen to make a plate for dinner and came back and she had gone from her back to her side. She does that a lot so I didn't think much of it but I should have taken the hint and gotten the vid. camera when she started throwing her leg over and trying to make her arm go under her body. Soon after she was on her tummy and I realized that was her FIRST time to roll over and I her tired and out of it mother didn't even think to video it! UGH! Well I am sure we will get her another time. How exciting though, I can't believe she is starting to become mobile! Here is a picture of her once she rolled over...the best I could do. My little baby is growing up way too fast!

Here are also some pictures of her first time on "the horse." I played on this rocking horse when I was little and our family friends, Bob and Sue, who loaned it to us, recovered it. We can't wait for Eleanor to get to play on it! For now, since she can hold her head up and likes to hold onto things, we thought we would try it!


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I'm missing EVERYTHINGG and it has only been a WEEK! This is not okay! I miss my little nugget twin!