Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eleanor is 3 Months Old!

Eleanor is 3 months old! WOW how it is going by so fast. My sweet little lady, how you bring me SO MUCH JOY! On your three month old mark, I had already been back to school and was about to welcome my second set of students. I would come home so tired only to see your smiling face and be energized again. Some of my favorite things you do lately are:

- You love to grab your feet - you have even gone as far as sticking them in your mouth! You LOVE it! Any chance you get to lay on your back you use those strong abs and bring your feet right up to your face! The picture above shows you loving your feet AND the ballerina socks we put on couldn't get enough of the tulle balls at the ends of your socks!
- You LOVE to sing and talk. I love when you wrinkle your forehead and really concentrate like you are trying to say something that is super important!
- I LOVE it when you smile with your mouth wide open! Oh it makes me melt!
- I love that you can sit up now and like to. You love your bumbo seat and are prefectly stable in it. I think it is almost time for you to try out an exer saucer!

- You are sleeping through the night which is such a gift to your parents. You go down between 9 and 10 and get up anywhere from 6 to 9, one time you slept from 10 - 10!

- You are taking a good long (1-2 hours) nap in the morning and afternoon and usually are on a pattern of eat, play/be awake/sleep.

- You drink 5 oz. of breast milk (Mommy is trying to keep up with the pumping) every 3 hours and lately Marmi has been able to stretch you to 4 hours at times during the day.
- You haven't completely rolled over on your own yet but you get so close, you love laying on your side and with a little push usually make it over all the way. You don't LOVE being on your stomach though you are beginning to tolerate it more. You are getting much better at lifting your head up and I imagine you will be crawling before we know it!

- We are about to switch you to size 2 diapers though are trying to use all the 1's we have first.

- You still take reflux meds but are mostly happy throughout the day unless you are hungry/wet

Sweet Angel baby, we are so thankful God gave you to us! We love you and are so thankful to share this first year of life with you!

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