Monday, May 10, 2010

Still Waiting...Due Date Came and Went

I can't sleep! I woke up for my nightly ritual and decided I couldn't get back in bed to sleep because I am still NOT having contractions and unfortunately (I can't believe I am saying this) didn't wake up to a wet bed...oh how I wish I could say I was like Grandma and Andy could give me crap like Grandpa because I ruined the mattress and my water broke in bed. I guess that isn't God's plan yet ha...

After hoping all day yesterday that maybe she would come, now it is onto May 10th for a probable birthday for Eleanor Ann. I never had any idea how it would feel to wait wondering when your child would be born. It is crazy to me that Andy and I are just like we have been the past almost 10 months of marriage (though I have gradually gotten SO MUCH bigger) and in a snap we could be something completely new with our sweet daughter here! Oh how I wish I could know when that would be!

I think I am about to make a list of all the methods I have been recommended to use to try naturally inducing labor. Just a few would include: walking a lot but not working too hard, getting your rest is another important one I am told though you can't lay around too much because then she will get complacent and never come out (so WHICH ONE IS IT I wonder...), eat pineapple, eat spicy food, go up and down stairs, do squat thrusts and jumping jacks, acupressure to start contractions (need to try that one still), the option Andy can help with (and by the way have been advised on this one by people I would have never thought including my mom's friends ha), a classic recommended by Dad: sit in the back of Andy's truck and let him drive down a bumpy road (WHAT?!), de-stress and meditate...the list goes on. I have come to realize, after trying so many of them and going on a date night with Andy ordering two spicy sushi rolls, one being the "Lava Roll" which included huge chunks of fresh jalapeno AND putting way more wasabi in my soy sauce than I normally would that some of these "suggestions" all but gave me heartburn and still no Eleanor.

So here I am at 3:30am popping frosted mini wheats on the couch, wondering if maybe I should go tackle the stairs a few times on our 3rd floor apartment. Or maybe I should go to bed so Andy doesn't wake up in excitement thinking I am up working through contractions and in real labor. I wish I could say I had this unexplainable energy and desire to bake cookies right now because I am about to go into labor but unfortunately no other signs exist, namely contractions. SO for now, I am going to hope that Andy's prayer last night for patience and peace that the Holy Spirit brings me to accept that Eleanor will come on God's time when she is ready even though in the back of my mind I am thinking well 5.10.10 is such a good birth date and clinging to multiples of 5 for a if not today then maybe 5.15.10 or were any of those numbers on the fortune cookie yesterday going to pan out...I sure hope not the 25th!

Until then, I will keep you posted but SURE HOPE I don't have to write too many more entries before I am posting pictures of Eleanor! Thank you everyone for prayers and can't wait to share Ellie with you soon!


  1. I'm up now, too! I really didn't want to drink any more water tonight, after already being up 3 times, but I was thirsty and having trouble sleeping- so I figured why not. Oh, pregnancy. I'm 34 weeks now and can't wait to be where you are! So exciting, Lindsay! Praying for you and your family! She'll come at her perfect time!

  2. Bless you sweetheart! God has such wonderful plans for the three of you! Love you Linds, please know how so many of us are praying for you!