Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Awaiting Eleanor - 39 weeks and 3 days

Today I went to the Dr. HOPING that my contractions this past week did SOMETHING to help Eleanor come "closer to the light" but much to my dismay I am told I am still far away. No cm. to report if you know what I mean!

I never thought I would have so many feelings about a single event in my life. On one hand, it is like Christmas when I was little except with that you KNOW Santa is coming on December 24th. We are so excited for Ellie to get here and just want to know so badly when it will be. Having a baby has stripped me of any control which, if you know me at all, know that is SO HARD! God is amazing though and just LOVES to remind me how NOT in control of my life I am! On another hand, I want Eleanor to stay in there longer so I can get more done to make her arrival just PERFECT. I realized though in this whole journey that nothing in life is perfect and that this "beautiful mess" in which we live is so much better than any glimpse of perfection I could have ever imagined.

SO, I have resided myself to the fact that she could come without my pictures being hung and before the new apartment gets a good cleaning, maybe even before her room is exactly how I want it. Andy and I both are just so excited to hold this sweet little bug we have been reading to, singing to, and feeling complete a kickboxing class in my uterus the past 9 months.

Here are a few of her latest snapshots from the womb, can't wait to see her in person.


  1. what a cute blog lou this a theme or did you create this on your own?

  2. Love the new did a great job! Can't wait to meet Eleanor! Love you very much...we are praying for you guys these next couple of weeks!

  3. Thank you! I stole the template from Lou Lou blogs...I am not as good as you MEA but if you know how to create a template I would love to know and change this one a little!