Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mini Date Nights and Dramatic TV

Marriage is amazing. As much as I have whined during the day about not having my baby girl to hold yet, I DO LOVE the precious time Andy and I get to spend together after he comes home from work. Lately it has been dinner, cleanup, and then a walk followed by a quick foot bath in the chilly pool - great for swollen feet. Last night we had some yummy wine (don't worry I just had a few sips - the Dr. approved) and today the best ice cream ever - love those Marble Slab buy one get one free coupons! I feel like we go on a little date every night, what a blessing God has given us in the middle of all the craziness in life! We are so blessed and as my mom always says, our "cups are about to runeth over" when we get to meet Eleanor soon! I will have an update tomorrow after the sonogram of Lil' Miss Ellie!

On another note, what a crazy Grey's/Private Practice! Addison really pissed me off a the end but she is good at that these days...WOW Bailey....I hope the anesthesiologist is quality and not a man slut like everyone else on the show...OMG though...I can not have this baby next Thursday - I can NOT miss the 2 hour season finale of Grey's AHHH! Maybe Eleanor will be able to watch with me! :)

ALSO - I found that my late night and throughout the day snacks of frosted mini wheats are going to have to go. I learned that the 100% Whole Grain Cereals that have high fructose corn syrup (they do) are really bad for you...BUMMER esp. when I am about to have to get all this baby weight off! Oh well, any suggestions of whole grain cereals without the fake sugar, lmk!

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