Monday, May 24, 2010

I only THOUGHT I knew what love was...

Eleanor finally came to meet us, God's most beautiful gift Andy and I could have ever received! She is absolutely amazing, there are really just no words we could say. It is incredible that one tiny little being can bring such a wealth of love to all she meets. Andy and I are overcome with how precious these past almost two weeks already have been.

I will definitely go into detail about the whole birth story but just spent the entire afternoon posting pictures on facebook when I wasn't feeding Ellie and am pretty beat. For now, we are laying low at home. I unfortunately thought I was better than my bladder and apparently did too much/pushed too long and had to get a catheter for a week after she was born. Disgusting having to juggle a bag of you know what while trying to be extraordinarilly sanitary around your precious newborn. I thankfully got it taken out Wed. and then this past weekend we had a visit from Eleanor's godparents, Jenna and Wyatt, and then headed to the lake for a couple of days to celebrate the holiday with my family. While it was a wonderful time, it has been a whirlwind. Now we have Andy's last week of school and preparations for Eleanor's baptism on Friday with more family and friends in town to celebrate. We are so excited and thankful for all the wonderful people we have in our lives, especially our parents who have been so helpful and full of joy and love at Eleanor's arrival.

Hopefully once summer has finally begun end of this week, things will slow down some. Until then, I am finally going to publish this post that I began last week and hopefully get to the details about our sweet Angel's birth along with sharing all the amazing things we are learning about her soon enough! Thank you everyone for all the help, support, and love! Come meet our Eleanor if you haven't yet!

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