Wednesday, June 1, 2011

School Days are Over...For Now...

What a whirlwind of a year - teaching three new subjects (Math, Science, TAKS Writing) and a new grade (4th). A new team, and a new type of kid - a 4th grader at the beginning of the year is a teeny 3rd grader...very different from a 5th grader. None of these "new" things were bad, I ended up loving them all, well maybe not loving all of them...definitely having a new appreciation for them...just being honest :)

Just in case I wasn't getting too comfortable, my principal decided to ask me to move to another new grade - 6th grade! I am so excited to teach World History and Reading. I will be departmentalized and will also be teaching Science to my homeroom. I am also blessed to have the opportunity to teach with my friend, Catherine, again. We taught 5th grade together two years ago. So as the commercial for whatever that product says I guess, "Change is good."

I am so excited to spend this summer with my sweet baby and husband. We have a LOT to pack into one summer, you will be hearing more about it in future posts. SO to quote another, and might I add the fervor and excitement in my voice when saying, "SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!!"

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