Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eleanor is 13 Months Old!

I was looking back at my one month post thinking of this day last year! It is so crazy how big our little girl is now!

Some of my favorite things you do at 13 months are dance (especially during the clap song on Barney, you just jump right up and participate as if you were one of the big kids on the show), drag any bag you can find around as if it were your purse, say "bow" and bring a bow to me to put in your hair and sit still waiting patiently for me to put it just right in your hair (yes you do like your bows as much as your Marmi and Aunts thing you don't), say "hi" to anyone you see and you are persistent, if they don't say hi back you keep saying it (especially at the sleeping man behind us on your first flight), knock on the bedroom door while da da is still asleep saying his name and nah nigh looking back at me wishing he or I would open the door (when I finally do you run in and laugh and smile at the sight of him awaiting his arms to scoop you up), swim in the pool like a fish and force me to lay you on your belly so you can "kick kick kick" (you say it too while you do it), dunk under water and come up like a pro blowing out the residue of water on your lips ( no coughing or choking yet from this girl, you hold your breath!), lay in our bed and get SO excited to watch "Ba" (Barney) while you lay perfectly still drinking your milk before nap and bedtime, drop your bun bun and lion and paci in the crib when we get you up only to go back if we are playing in your room and point saying bun bun, LYN!, you SCREAM and love to exercise your vocal cords, you are repeating EVERYTHING (luckily none of Mommy and Daddy's bad words that sometimes slip yet) and my favorite would have to be "ocho" that you heard on your bilingual laptop, you are so involved in shopping now as you sit in your umbrella stroller - last time we were in Gymboree you, on your own, noticed a plethora of shoes and proceeded to scream SHOO SHOO SHOO until I acknowledged it (you are a shoe lover just like your momma), you repeat all the animal sounds but aren't quite there yet on saying the sound when we say the animal name, you can point to a puppy and say its name though!

There are so many new things you do and learn every day! It is so incredible! Here are a list of your words to date, I am probably missing some though - please remember too that they aren't perfectly annunciated but we understand you, usually :)

ocho, nine, uno, dos, fox, puppy, bear, cow, uh oh, shoe, ball, na na (banana), that, ba (barney), amen, abby, mama, daddy/dada, mamamama (Marmi), Pop Pop, Mary, Katie, Keekda, scotty (her new scottish terrier stuffed animal), bun bun, lion, wa wa (water), puppy, moo, oink, neigh, and lots more I just can't recall them all...

A funny story about you that highlights your individuality and your "you know what you want and when you want it" that is cute was that you ran up to your bows so sweetly and said you wanted a bow, put it in your hair (tried to) and then when it didn't stay handed it to me. You stood ever so still so that I could place the bow in your hair and proceeded to go back to the bows, point to a bow and say "bow". You repeated again until I put a second bow in your hair. This was what we came up with...I must say at least she picked to bows that both matched her outfit!

Eleanor, Mommy and Daddy love you more than you could ever imagine! Thank you so much for the joy and smiles you bring us every day! Thank you especially lately for the special snuggle time you gift me with. It doesn't always last for long but when you lay your head on me and bury it in my stomach when we are rocking or watching Barney or reading a book, it makes me melt! I love you!

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