Monday, April 25, 2011

He is Risen!

"Alleluia, for our Lord God Almighty Reigns!" "Jesus Christ is Risen today, Alleluia"! Two of my most favorite Easter songs, both played at mass on Sunday. I LOVE Easter! I might even like it more than Christmas but that is a tough call. I can't even verbalize the magic of Easter. Magic might not be the best word - not magic as in sorcerers, black magic, and wizards - anything anti-Catholic no more like the magic and wonder you feel when you go to Disney World as a kid. That is a better comparison - Easter morning at mass is like a kid in Disney World.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend celebration filled with lots of family and dear friends! Andy and I even were able to make it to two Holy Week masses/communion services! Here are a few pictures from the weekend...

Good Friday

We enjoyed a wonderful Friday off and were able to go to mass at 3 with our sweet girl

Eleanor's new favorite thing - to pick up objects bigger than her and carry them across the apartment.

Aunt MEA came in town and came straight to the apartment to see her "Mrs. Bubble". Her little clone also shares her love for cheese and went straight to the counter when she saw the cheese block exit the fridge. She then begged for the cheese until MEA gave it to her! She LOVES cheese!

We then went to dinner at Marmi's and had a great time with The Gentrys and Grandma and Grandpa who were also in town (along with Aunts Keekda and MEA). Nyah and Eleanor took a bath together - Nyah's first out of the sling! She is such a sweet little girl! She and Eleanor are about 4 months apart!

Holy Saturday

Another dinner at Marmi's after a fun day at Eli's bday party. The Riley's came over for dinner and we had a great time eating burgers and playing games. Eleanor is wearing her new outfit from "Aunt Amanda" - she loves her purple! :)

Eleanor was SCARFING blueberries so Grandma (my Grandma) took them away and put them on a side chair. Somehow E got onto the floor and found the will see below :)

Easter Sunday

Eleanor woke Daddy up and told him she wanted to go find where the Easter bunny hid her basket!

She found her basket!

Eleanor and her new bun bun from the Easter bunny and her Daddy!

"Hoppy Easter"

Eleanor helping Mommy go through her basket
After Easter mass, all in attendance except for Katie :( The Aldons have a track record for not EVER being able to all be at mass together (someone is sick or out of town...) for Easter and it has been going on for years...maybe someday....
Eleanor LOVED the baptismal font and couldn't get enough...

Our sweet little Easter Lilly in her dress and jacket

Opening her Easter present from Marmi
Ready to hunt eggs

Our little girl is getting too big! She picked up and dropped in the basket all by herself all the eggs!

What a fun Easter had by all! Lots of yummy food and fellowship with family! Happy Easter everyone!

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