Monday, April 18, 2011

Catching Up

Oh WOW! So much has happened since Ash Wednesday! I want to write and post pictures about it all...we will see how long that are a few of the highlights:

Eleanor turned 10 Months Old! I said in her 11 Month post that I really couldn't distinguish the two months in what I could remember her doing. We love seeing her grow and turn into a real person!

We finally decided after sitting down with my financial expert Dad that we are going to wait another year before buying a house. Despite the market being so in favor of buyers and the low interest rates, Andy is my dad's clone as far as being conservative with money goes (which I am thankful for) and really wants to pay off some or hopefully all of his college debt before taking on mortgage debt ha! SO it is another year on the 3rd floor in our apt. We are fine and cozy and the space works for the three of us but that is part of the reason why we are concerned about me being pregnant and carrying a one year old up the we will see what happens but think we will wait another year in that department too...tear :(

We also made another big decision about next year, Eleanor is going to preschool! My mom needs a little bit of a break though she LOVES taking care of Eleanor. I can understand though, not that she is mobile, she makes you tired just watching much less chasing her! We started to look at in-home daycare and part-time day cares and then stumbled upon St. Philip's Catholic Church in Flower Mound. I would have preferred to put her in preschool at our parish, St. Ann, but the great thing about Little Apostle's Preschool (St. Phil's) is that they do 5 day/week daycare while St. Ann is only once a week and you have to be 18 months to start (E will only be 15 months in August). We are excited, the facility is awesome and the curriculum seems advanced so hopefully it works out well! Mom is going to take her and pick her up and E will be at school from 9 - 2 every day.

One of the weekends during Lent, we drove 2 hours and met Grandma and Grandpa in Eastland to return Grandpa's white truck that Andy has been borrowing since we married. It was perfect as they hadn't seen her and we hadn't seen them in quite a few months so it was a perfect day trip! We enjoyed lunch with them at a little Italian Restaurant off the highway. Eleanor loves Grandma and Grandpa!

Other trips out of town included to the lake for St. Patrick's Day, Eleanor's first, and to Houston for Laura and sweet Baby Jacob's shower at the Tantons. We had so much fun spending time with Hallie, Belle, and Jason and Amanda along with a dinner evening with the Wentrceks as well! All three babies are getting so big, Eleanor had so much fun with her Houston girlfriends!

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