Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday - Peace Out Until Easter!

Fat Tuesday - oh one of my favorites! Your last chance to enjoy all you are giving up for Lent. For me, it is, as stated before, anything that has really distracted me from spending time with the Man upstairs. To be specific, blogs and facebook. Andy and I also decided to sacrifice our evening glass of wine and I am definitely going to miss it. I love how wine makes me relax and de-stress, I feel so chill and like everything I was worried about will be alright when I drink wine...I am hoping that instead of counting on that nightly glass, my committment to a conversation with Christ each night will be a much better replacement.

I am also going to miss chocolate - another indulgence I seem unable to live without. SO, in light of "Fat Tuesday," Andy and I picked a few foods we love to induldge in combined with what was in the freezer so to save some money and had our own little Fat Tuesday last hoorah before Lent meal. He grilled pork chops and I made decedantly wonderfully creamy mashed potatoes (my long-time weakness), creamed corn (I wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft. pole but it is Andy's fave), garlic green beans with almonds (another indulgence of mine...luckily not too unhealthy), and a FEW glasses of wine. I then indulged in dark chocolate covered almonds and more wine while watching good ol' George W on Oprah ha! Random but Andy actually wanted to watch...the only time he has EVER been interested in Oprah except this time it was clearly to see W.

I am so looking forward to the sacrifice and little bit of uncomfortable change that comes with these next 40 days! I will MISS blog and facebook but Easter will be here soon! The picture above I thought was a beautiful depiction of what we must focus on for Lent - the sacrifice our Lord made for us and a reflection of all the nails we drive into him as he hangs on the cross. What am I doing to crucify Christ? When am I NOT BEING Him to those I meet or already know? When am I not being His love to other people, His people, and then in turn, hurting Him. It reminds me of that Casting Crowns song,

"If we are the body, why aren't His arms reaching, why aren't His hands healing, why aren't His words teaching? If we are the body, why aren't His feet going, why is His love not showing them there is a way - Jesus is the way..."

Let us pray for one another as we grow closer in relationship to and in appreciation of the one who loves us and carries our cross daily for us. Let us work towards emulating Christ and letting Him remain in us as we are His body and His love to all we encounter! How cool and happier our world would be if we could all do this! See you in 40 days!

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