Thursday, March 3, 2011

Independence Day

Last night was the first meal Eleanor fed entirely to herself. We are still planning on feeding her most of her meals run through the food processor still but last night, decided to do otherwise. I make her "Turkey Apple Loaf/Sticks" from an awesome baby food making website:

The recipe is in the link but you know me, I of course altered it...I also meant to add some sort of greens and will in the future (processed spinach/peas/green beans/broccoli...whatever I have on hand)

The recipe came out pretty wet and they say to add more breadcrumbs but I really just put enough to make it stick together...she doesn't need any extra carbs...she gets plenty from eating bread and her fave, pancakes.

Here is what I used:

- 1 lb. ground turkey breast

- 1/4 cup applesauce (pureed cooked apples or you can use natural organic applesauce)

- 1/2 cup (or in my case two beaba baby food sorage "pods") of cooked pureed butternut squash

- 2 egg YOLKS beaten (no egg whites until they are one)

- 2 pieces of whole wheat bread food processed to bread crumbs (use the heels, perfect way to not waste them since I HATE eating them on a sandwich..

- 1/2 handful of rolled oats

- 1/4 c. processed rolled oats

- pinch of dried basil

- pinch of garlic salt (I didn't have any powder though powder would have been better)

Use your hands and get dirty mixing all this together in a bowl. Then, pour the mixture onto a cookie sheet (with sides just in case there is any grease dripping but it will be very little since it is turkey) and make it about as thick as half your thumb (doesn't have to fill the cookie sheet). Bake at 350 degrees until cooked thoroughly (about 20 - 30 min depending on the thickness).

When cooled, slice into strips and either serve that way for older toddlers or cut into small pieces for finger food babies :)

It isn't exactly appealing to the eyes but Eleanor liked it and it is a good way to get foods in they can't eat without you serving it to them - especially when they like feeding themselves :)

Another good finger food Eleanor has enjoyed is rice. It is a good size and is soft enough that she can smoosh it with her gums! A dear friend shared the recipe with me and if you love Chipotle's rice, you will LOVE this one! PS, when I did my shopping, I was in a rush and grabbed fresh parsley instead of cilantro. Super bummed, I used the parsley in place of the cilantro and it brough a very fresh flavor to the rice. I served it with tilapia and everyone enjoyed! Here is the recipe if you want it:

So Eleanor's meal consisted of Turkey loaf cut into little pieces, whole cooked peas, and parsley lime rice. I will add that after I made such a big deal out of independent eating, I did remember that Andy fed her some yogurt afterwards for dessert...oops...and we still have to feed that little stinker her bottle...she never has had the desire to hold it...would rather scratch her head or the person's face who is feeding her.

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