Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I LOVE Coupons but don't love hard drives...

SO God is good and because of coupon codes I just saved $60 on my Christmas card order!! HOORAY!

I had 4 different websites up as I was choosing Christmas cards and uploading photos and much to my supposition was proved wrong and Tiny Prints is in fact no more expensive than any other website when comparing the same paper and card size! I was so excited because I am familiar with their website and like it better anyway. Not to mention, I had a million coupons, some expired and some not, that I could apply to the order which made it even better!

So I was about to check out. I had already spent at least 3 hours working on the card and choosing the perfect one, emailing options to mom and Andy soliciting opinions and finally decided. I typed in the code I had for 20% off my order and was so excited about my over $40 in savings. It even gave me free shipping but wouldn't guarantee the cards to me until Christmas Eve which just wouldn't work so I paid only $9 to get them by Monday. Pretty good for rush shipping if you ask me...

I then stumbled upon a coupon that expired in October. The code was TP1010 (tiny prints, Oct. 2010). My resourceful self thought, why not try and see if I can use this code and apply it to December. I typed in TP1210 and hit apply and waited thinking something would pop up saying "not a valid code" but was SHOCKED when it took another $20 off my order! AMAZING!

This utter gittiness over saving $60 definitely overshadowed my dismay about possibly having lost EVERYTHING on my external hard drive. Here is my predicament. As some of you know, my laptop has been down for quite some time. It isn't completely crashed but could go any day and is really non-functioning. Because of that, I decided to back up my laptop on my old faithful external hard drive. I brought it to school with pictures to upload and play with as I designed my invitation and it opened up right away! I was able to take what I needed and then suddenly it disappeared from my, "My Computer" drive.

I unplugged and plugged it back in and it said it needed to format the external drive and did I want it to. I said no and am glad I did because after consulting with my computer whiz mother, found that it was going to wipe out everything on the hard drive. I am so distraught! If I take this thing home and it doesn't open up on my computer that is all my pictures and documents from college forward! AHH! What is the point of an external hard drive if it is going to fail you too!!!??? Do I have to back up three different ways or something!?

I don't know what God is trying to teach me in this but am trying to be patient and trust and pray to St. Anthony that he will pray to help me recover my lost files. Silly that I am being so obsessive about something on my computer - it is a thing and at times like Christmas you realize how important family and friends and the people you love are compared to things so maybe God is trying to teach me that lesson. I don't know...I am still super sad if I have lost everything on that hard drive! I will keep you posted. Until then, I am focusing on the positive - $60 saved WAHOO!

If you are a later orderer like me and still are looking for Christmas cards, feel free to use these codes to save some money on



And another code for $10 off orders of $49+... FANS Too bad it gave me that after I put my order in! Make sure you use it before 2011, it expires Dec. 31st.

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  1. Yay Lindsay. Thank you for the discount codes. Saved me a bundle. Now I just hope people don't mind getting Christmas cards after Christmas. :)