Monday, December 20, 2010

Eleanor is 7 Months Old!

Eleanor was 7 months old on the 18th of December, also her Daddy's 27th birthday! She is simply amazing! Her personality continues to come out as she is getting more and more able to tell us what she wants! She can now shake her head no which she often does when I am trying to suck things out of her nose, when she is finished eating and wants no more, and when we are putting her in the car seat. Since she knows "no" with a head shake, we are going to try and implement that when we are telling her no as well - like when she grabs mommy's necklace or glasses ha!

A few things Eleanor has started doing since her 6th month include...

- Pulling herself from the laying on her stomach position to sitting up. She now does this in bed, I guess it is time now to lower her crib down :(

- She LOVES to clap at anything. We don't even have to prompt her by saying, "Yay" or "Patty Cake" she does it on her own.

- She has added foods to her repertoire of delicacies of Mommy's homemade food. She still hasn't had anything processed except the little organic puffs she SO loves to eat and an occasional bottle of formula! She eats sweet potato, brown rice porridge, oatmeal porridge, avocado, carrots, spinach (though I held off on the carrots and spinach once I heard you were supposed to wait until they are at least 7 months due to possible nitrates found in those foods...oops), pears, green peas, and banana. Still yet to try over the break are apples, winter squash, green beans, and maybe some millet (another grain to introduce). We are trying new combinations too. Last night she had oatmeal, banana, and peas. She loved it when usually she turns her nose up at peas!

- We think Eleanor might be a lefty. She has pretty much mastered picking up the puffs with her thumb and pointer finger on her left hand and still grabs with her whole fist on her right. It is quite funny to see her stuff her whole fist in her mouth and then still come out with a soggy cereal piece in her hand. When she uses her left hand though, she simply places it in her mouth and pulls her fingers out.

- Still only the two bottom teeth though with all the drooling, spitting, blowing bubbles, and putting her hand in her mouth, we think a top tooth is on the horizon.

- E is getting SO CLOSE to crawling. I am sure her 8th month post will have a bit about that new feat triumphed. She scoots around and pivots and she can definitely clear the whole room crawling backwards but she still has yet to move forward in pursuit of a toy. She will get up on all 4s and just rock back and forth and usually throw a fit because she wants to go so badly!

- She has added more sounds to her vocabulary. At first it was just mmmmah and bbbah but now she has added the nnnah sound as well. We are on the edge of our seats to know her first word! I am sure it will still be a little while...

- Eleanor loves to play with her activity table we took the legs off of still, she also has learned, from her Aunt MEA to knock over a pile of blocks! She loves playing with her blocks as well!

- Eleanor also made it through her first night away from Mommy and Daddy without a family member in attendance. Marci Perez and her friend watched her along with one of Eleanor's many suitors, Canon Blackwell. We think the two of them kept each other busy enough to realize their parents weren't gone. They were great and Eleanor went to bed without a fight. I will post their "date" on another post. Marci videoed it!

We continue to fall in love with you sweet Eleanor every day! We are SO looking forward to the next two weeks away from school and spending time with you 24/7!

Upcoming this month is Eleanor's first Christmas and New Year!

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  1. Glad my little Eleanor is doing so well and so many new things. What a big girl. I miss all of you guys!!!! She is just precious!!! I hope those processed puffs dont do her stomach in......hehehe I love you Lindsay you are just a hoot.