Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Eleanor's First Haircut

Eleanor had her first haircut today! It wasn't exactly planned. I had a routine cut scheduled and while Michelle was cutting my hair we discussed when to cut Eleanor's. As you might have noticed, her hair was really beginning to get in her face and was all different lengths. Michelle and I decided to have Andy bring her up while she was still cutting my hair. Because the whole event was so impromptu not only was Eleanor still in her PJ's but poor Andy didn't remember the camera and so my daughter's first haircut is documented on nothing more than an IPhone :( I was pretty disappointed in that but it was better than nothing.

Eleanor took her first cut like a champ. She has a little of her mommy's vanity in her and loves looking at herself in the mirror. That was pretty much what she did the entire time Michelle was cutting. She didn't utter one cry the only negative thing I could say was that she was squirmy and curious as usual looking around which made it a little difficult to hold her down but she didn't react negatively to the almost headlock I had to hold her in. We love her hair begin out of her face now, it really brightens it up! Thanks Michelle!

The best "before" picture we could can kind of see her little hairs hanging on the side like a member of the tree stooges...

Her hair is all wet and ready to be cut!
Such a good girl sitting so still...well in this pic at least!

All finished and checking our "new do" out in the mirror

The sweet lady, Michelle, who gave her her first haircut. Michelle has cut my hair for a long time and also did my up-dos for prom and my wedding!

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