Sunday, May 27, 2012

Eleanor Turns 2!

Birthday Pancakes in the morning 
on Friday - sprinkles and nummies - 
this is you blowing out your candles

My sweet baby girl turned two this past weekend - Friday, May 18th.  Her party - Sesame Street Themed - was on Saturday.  Eleanor, you continue to amaze us, I know I always say that but I think what I would harp on most about you these days are your manners.  You almost always ask with a please and ALWAYS say thank you and sometimes, "Thank you so much."  It is so cute how you will say, "Momma please may I have" and if you get carried away occasionally and do something "naughty" you go to timeout and all I have to do is come in and hug you and you are waiting with an apology and you tell me exactly what you won't do again.  I don't know how you learned that - love you Love and Logic!

You are such a big girl - you know to hold my hand and "look right, look left" when crossing the street, you know to remind me that your car seat needs to be buckled (as sometimes in a rush I forget to do the bottom part...I know terrible mom club), you also are the most loving individual I have ever met.  You love to give "big hugs" and kisses to momma and dada and you love to say, "I love you, God Bless you" to us.  You teach us how to love no matter what and to not see differences in others.  You  love Jesus and it is so precious.  You say goodbye to Him when He is taken to the sacristy at the end of mass and you always love to point out his mother, Mary, and earthly father, "do-phoph" in mass.  You sit with us in mass and are quite the chatty one but people around us don't seem to mind.  We want you to be exposed to as much as possible so we keep you there...unless you are super talkative during the consecration or your buns have just had enough of the hard pew in which case you sqiurm and we take you to the back to stretch your legs.  You are back in time to pass the peace which you love to do.

You are such a joy to us!  Lately you have become somewhat of an early riser and you have learned to open your door so you often come in and I wake up to your sweet smile by my bedside holding your "pellow" and bun bun/lion anxious for me to pull you up into bed with us.  What a great way to start my morning!  Though I would like for you to sleep a little longer the past two days have been 5:30 eek!

As far as your favorites go, you still love "Chic-il-a" and get the 6 piece nuggets with either fruit or an apple sauce and a water.  You usually devour it all.  You love "sketty squash", tacos (which is anything made with ground turkey/beef/chicken", most all veggies - esp broccoli and green beans, beans, guac, "cados," cheese, eggs, apple sauce (in the pouch), freeze dried and regular fruit (all kinds), "pata," "peanups," goldfish, and peanut butter and jelly (you only eat the natural kind though).  You also have a sweet tooth and sparingly enjoy cookies, ice cream, cake, and "gummies" which happen to embody your vitamins so that is good.  You are sometimes caught red handed digging in the "nummies" (chocolate chip bag) and SHOVING the in your mouth...oops momma passed on her chocolate addiction to you.

You are so responsible/good at avoiding bedtime.  You always remind us to brush your teeth and to get a drink of water :).  You are still wearing diapers but often wake up with a dry one so we think we might try the potty out with you after school is out.   You are becoming possessive but not in a bad way - you have started asking "where's my bun bun/shoes/swim stuit/_______."  You are super at sharing and if someone wants something that you have, you usually just need to be asked to share it with him/her and you hand it right over.  Not long after though, you feel like it is time for you to play and you will say, "Eleanor's turn please."

You love your school and will miss it over the summer but we pray that we find the right person to take care of you in the morning because your school now offers after school care so you could stay there until 6.  We are hoping so much that you get to stay there as we love it and know you do too.  You talk about your teachers, Miss Kristi, Claire, and Lauren and all the kids in your class often.

You are loved by so many people, Eleanor.  Your aunts are your biggest fans and you light up their lives when they see you.  You have a special relationship with each of them and ask about them often, pray for them daily.  Your uncles are precious with you and since you have been seeing them quite a bit recently, have really warmed up to them.  You snuggle with Tim and it is precious.  You love to lay your head on his shoulder just like Daddy.  You love Uncle Matt too and are really starting to get to know him better.  Uncle "Mike" (Mark...don't know how you picked that name but your Uncle Matt is trying to encourage the use of it to you...blah) is special to you as well.  You often ask about him.   You are Marmi's "darlin" and y'all have such a special relationship.  Sometimes when you get hurt and mommy is there, you prefer Marmi to comfort you.  It is so neat that you and your grandmother have such a special bond.  You will always have a special place in your heart for Pop Pop.  I think he was truly your favorite first though lately you have taken akin to Marmi. You pray for Grammie and "Gumpa" every night - though you don't see them very often - you remember them and pick up right where you left off when we see them.  You aren't afraid of them like you were when you were little.

Your birthday was very special this year!  Even though you were sick the whole week before, your fever finally broke the day before your birthday and you and Mommy enjoyed a super fun day off of school on your birthday.  You woke up at 6:30 and went straight to Mommy and Daddy's closet where we were hiding your presents - as if you knew where they were.  You found your bike before I could even wrap it and were so excited that there was a holder for bun bun and your drink.  You even could pull a flap up and revealed were holes for your baby's legs.  It was neat that Daddy got to be there and see you in the morning.

We started with birthday pancakes for breakfast - you helped put the "nummies" and sprinkles in the batter once it was on the griddle and you even waited patiently for Mommy to sing to you - you sang a little too and enjoyed every second of it!  You then tried so hard to blow out your candles but needed my help.

You insisted on holding baby Madeline while you ate - poor girl got chocolate all over :(
We then went to "Chic il ay" for lunch and you took a nap.  Shortly after, Daddy came home and we went to dinner at Mi Cocina.  We love that place and you love the guac and tacos!  You get a crunchy taco with double beans and don't eat the shell but you scarf everything else!  You love to dip your chips in the hot sauce and the guac.  

Here is you with Mommy and Daddy waiting to get our table

We wanted to take you to get ice cream and you were super excited about it but you fell asleep on the way home - oh well - we still owe you some birthday ice cream!  What a fun day you had only to be topped by your birthday party yet to come.  We love you sweet girl and are so grateful for your love, compassion, and care even at the mere age of 2!

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