Saturday, January 1, 2011

We are mobile!

Eleanor is crawling! We witnessed it for the first time on New Years Eve. At first she was only taking a few arm/leg movements at a time but moving forward was key and why we officially dubbed it "crawling" (she has been able to move backwards for quite a while now)!

NOW she can move accross the room! It is amazing! She hasn't quite yet started chasing me when I leave the room but comes when we call her/when she wants something. It is so cool to watch her arm move and then her leg move in conjunction with it. It is just amazing to me that 7, almost 8 months ago she was learning to open her eyes and what her hands were and NOW she can move! The first year of a child's life, I have decided, is completely miraculous! There is no way someone can watch their child grow in the first year alone and not think a higher power thought up when and how that child would go from the beginning of his/her life at conception to a walking and talking little person at age 1! I am SO excited to see what more is to come!

Look out world and Mommy and Daddy's un-baby proofed apartment, HERE COMES ELEANOR!

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