Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Year Already - Just Another Day in Paradise

Andy and I after not quite reinacting the wedding cake ritual from our reception (I wouldn't let him do this last year with my wedding dress on so he specifically requested that I let him this time and I for some reason consented)

What a year it has been! Andy and I celebrated our 1 year Anniversary today and never in a million years would I have thought our life would be like it is now. As we were probably being introduced at our wedding reception as Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Reinberg (it's around 10pm now), never would I have thought I would be blogging exactly a year later with my husband out of town and my two month old daughter looking at her feet and flailing around in her newborn lounger!
As I was saying...what a year it has been! Because we knew "Coaching School" would be the weekend of our anniversary (as it will be seemingly for the rest of our lives ha) we planned ahead and celebrated a few days early.

We had so much fun enjoying one another without our sweet new addition. I told Andy, it was the first time I felt like a young married couple since before we found out we were pregnant. I was glad to know we were still "young" at heart :)

We started off our date day with lunch at our favorite - Houston's. We enjoyed talking about our favorite parts of the wedding and honeymoon and then each month of our first year of marriage. I don't think we have really talked about "US" almost the entire year of marriage since we have been pretty much preparing for a baby the entire time! We had a lot to discuss and boy was it refreshing! Some of our favorite memories were:
- holding Andy's hand and praying after we had just been married and recieved communion, soaking in the moment (mine)/seeing me walk down the aisle (Andy)/ the super fun party that was our reception (both) (July)
- Getting to experience Andy's first time to witness God's wonder in the paradise of Hawaii - I will never forget how in awe and how excited he was for our week in Hawaii as we pulled up to the resort and saw the sunset with the top down on our convertible. (me)/ the cute liquor bottles we ordered on the plane and all that was Hawaii (both) (July)

- Putting our apartment together before Andy started two-a-days and enjoying all the fun new appliances and kitchen fun cooking meals together (August)

- finding out we were pregnant and telling our families (September)

- celebrating my birthday morning sick and barely even being able to have a bite of the delicious "Sprinkles" cupcake Andy and my parents had gotten for me to celebrate with (October)

- our first Thanksgiving together with Andy's parents and getting to go see A&M play their hearts out against tu (unfortunately not btho this year) in the former students section, 1st deck, 50 yard line for FREE (November)

- First Christmas with my parents, finding our we were having a girl, Andy's bday celebration with Randy Rogers, Jack, and Billy Bob's, and deciding on our baby's name - Eleanor Ann (December)

- Putting our baby's crib together and a non-alcoholic New Years (January)

- Registering for sweet baby girl, continuing to watch her grow and enjoy the winter weather with more than one snow in Dallas! (February)

- Spring Break and Andy stripping and finishing the most beautiful piece of furniture in Eleanor's room - he did such an amazing job! (March)

- Deciding to move apartments only a month before Eleanor was scheduled to arrive (April)
- Maternity leave and being able to get the apartment somewhat put together/not have to teach and more importantly seeing Andy's face when Eleanor came out and the beautiful tears of joy come from his eyes - I will never forget it (me)/watching the miracle of life unfold before his eyes and hearing Eleanor cry for the first time (Andy) (May)

- Enjoying our first daughter and learning how to live as a family of three (June)

- Buying our first car and introducing Eleanor to all of our family and friends/celebrating our first anniversary together (July)

After lunch, we ran some errands and planned to head back to the apartment for the rest of the evening. We got the recipe from Plantation House, our FAVORITE restaurant in Maui, for their famous Mai Tais and enjoyed them by the pool at our apartment.

Us at the Plantation House

Mai Tai in Maui vs. Mai Tai in Dallas - amazing how the body/scenery can change so much in a year!

After drinnks by the pool we had a wonderful sushi dinner, my first time to have raw fish again since before Eleanor was in my tummy :). Then we enjoyed our wedding cake again and the same champagne we drank on our wedding night followed by a three hour dance fest on our living room floor. Andy moved the coffee table and made a play list of some faves and we danced barefoot until 2 in the morning! So much for getting sleep while Eleanor was being watched but we sure had fun!

The next morning we slept in and made the most amazing french toast we ever tasted! We made it with that wonderful sweet Challah bread - it was SO YUMMY! To go along with it we had bacon, eggs, and fresh squeezed OJ in our mimosas. Andy of course couldn't have his breakfast complete without a bloody mary - I of course passed as I think tomato juice is repulsive!

We joined Eleanor at my parents' house later that afternoon and couldn't have asked for a better anniversary! Though we weren't in paradise in Hawaii celebrating, persay, we were in our own state of paradise, just like the song says:

It's just another day in paradise

Well, there's no place that

I'd rather be

Well, it's two hearts

And one dream

I wouldn't trade it for anything

And I ask the Lord every night

For just another day in paradise

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  1. OH what a year for us both! This was a beautiful post, Linds. I loved how you talked about your favorite parts of each month. May God continue to bless you two!