Friday, June 11, 2010

Our Sweet Eleanor's First Three Weeks

We have so enjoyed our first three weeks with Eleanor and can't believe she will be ONE MONTH OLD on June 18th! Here are some of ourr faves of her. If you haven't met her, please call, we would love for you to meet her!

Week 1 Shots of Eleanor...

Playing on the floor with Marmi

Only a couple of days old - her first bath and not too happy!

After Daddy gave her her first bath - now she is cozy and snuggly!

Her favorite outfit to sleep in!

Week 2 Pics....

Eleanor's first road trip and time to the lake house. She loved "shadebathing" in her swimsuit!

Ellie sleeping in one of her favorite spots - her car seat, on the way to the lake.

This one is one of my faves!

Napping at the Doctor's office

Week 3....
Fr. Alfonse baptizing our sweet little.
All dunked and oiled and full of the Holy Spirit!

Tired after her long day. Thank you Marmi for my rosary bracelet...I am using it as an "arm cuff" since my wrist is still a little a small.

The onesee says it all...

Mommy loves her Happy Girl

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  1. I could just eat her sweet.
    We need to get together to show off our little ladies.
    Maybe late this week or sometime next week...let me know.