Friday, June 18, 2010

Eleanor is ONE MONTH OLD!

A dear family friend informed us via a gift for Eleanor that the name "Eleanor" is of Greek origin and means "Light." What a perfect name for her without us even knowing as she has been such a beautiful light to us on this, her first MONTH of life! I never knew that a sweet little baby could make me smile, laugh, and cry so much. We can't get enough of her! We have found ourselves with the longest to-do list ever and never wanting to complete it. Every second Ellie is awake I can't let myself do anything but look and smile at her. We would hate to miss one of her many smiles or cute facial expressions and she is definitely beginning to shine those more and more each day! It is beginning to become a trend to see that beautiful smile every morning after her first "daybreak" feeding.

Eleanor is growing so much every day. It is amazing to see her ability to lift and turn her head when she is on her stomach or when we hold her sitting up. She has the strongest arms and legs and loves to stretch and move them around all the time! Surely priming herself to be an awesome swimmer! She has already enjoyed the Baby bjorn and refuses to lay her head on my chest and loves holding it up and looking around. She loves her rainforest and kicks and coos away talking to the butterflies and animals. She also will rotate spending time in the boppy, her swing, and her bouncy chair to give mom and dad a chance to get things done.

One of little E's signature traits that are coming out are her sneezes - she will get the whole room's attention when she sneezes because not only do they come in at least threes like her mother but she also makes a noise like she is bothered by it right before they come on and then ends the fit with a smile. Eleanor only has one little birth mark and it is in the weirdest spot - on her toe! She has a little red spot on the bottom of her toe and crazy enough - so does her Pop Pop! Eleanor loves to eat - she is ready to suck the chest of whoever is holding her every 2 hours on the dot, unless of course she is sleeping. She has gone from 10pm to 5am without waking up but has also gone to bed at 10, woken up at 12, 2, 4, and 6 as well so we can't quite say she "sleeps through the night" yet!

Little E has met SO MANY people in her first month. Aside from Andy's and my immediate family members, Ellie has met many of our friends and close family friends along with all of her future friends. This past year, at least 8 -10 of our close friends have had babies! Eleanor can't wait to have so many play dates and it has been so fun taking pictures of her and her infant friends who are literally days and months older/younger than her!

Another special event this month was Eleanor's baptism! What a blessing to have our immediate family all together and one of Eleanor's sets of great-grandparents in attendance. We also had the joy of celebrating with other extended family members and close friends. We are so thankful for Eleanor's loving godparents, Wyatt and Jenna Wentrcek and can't wait to meet their little one when he/she arrives in November!

We cherish every moment with our sweet little especially since we will both be going back to work in August. We can't believe we have already spent a whole month with her and hope the next 11 don't fly by too fast! Everyone is telling us she will be walking before we know it but hope that especially these summer months will go by slowly and we will get to enjoy every second we spend with her!

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