Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Does the Tooth Fairy ONLY Come When You LOSE a Tooth?

Eleanor had her first tooth come in on Saturday, Oct. 9th. She was 4 months and 3 weeks old. We knew she had been working on it for a while but it finally broke the surface and showed its hard white enamel on Saturday! She was in quite a bit of pain and had the following symptoms:
- low grade fever
- needy (moreso than usual...) only wanted me, wanted to be held 24/7 and put her head on my shoulder/snuggled a lot more than usual (which was super sweet)
- wasn't sleeping well - woke up ever hour at night at one point in the process
- playing with her tounge on her gums a LOT
- very fussy
- drooling a lot

We just held her a lot and gave her baby tylenol, .6 ml every 4 hours. We tried the orajel a couple of times but it is really difficult to get on her actual gums becasue her toungue kept interfering so I decided to quit. I was also worried she would swallow it and it would mess up her swalloing reflux by numbing her throat. I didn't see it doing much to help anyway...

SO E has already bitten me once...we will see how much longer the breastfeeding goes if that continues but I definitely want to keep it going as long as possible! It is now the 13th and she seems to be doing much better so at least now we know the bad symptoms don't last too long! :) Our little girl is growing WAY too quickly!


  1. What???? A tooth? I can't believe it!
    She is such a big girl.
    How did it go with the formula? I am really considering giving it to her....let me know.
    Also, i figured out that it WAS indeed Father Jason in your wedding photos. Did you know he just left our church, St. Elizabeth's?
    Such a small world.

  2. I've heard that about formula, but since she is already eating food now her poop already is VERY stinky:)
    We do go to St. Elizabeth's now and we love it. i am a member of the mom 's group and Corey is going through their's been great. it's also within walking distance from our house.
    I think he is at Mary Immaculate if I'm not mistaken, but I for sure could be wrong. I went to St. Monica's for grade come we never realized all of this????

    I would love to see you and Eleanor...I realize it's harder for you so just let me know. I'm sure if you brought ANdy and I brought Corey they would never stop talking. So if a Friday or Sat night works for you let me know...oh, what am I thinking...I know he is busy with football on maybe a Sat????

  3. Blog hopping over from Rosemary and wanted to say hi. My baby girl is also teething at the moment. I am doing pretty much the same thing...lots of Tylenol and cuddling! Thanks for sharing, your family is beautiful!